Be More, Earn More

In addition to reviewing your trading history to give you proprietary analysis, Alchemy AI also gives you real time data to improve your current trades.

Suggestive modeling lets you see what may happen and shows the best strategies to use in each case. Optimizing profit, limiting loss, and saving you time.

What is the Alchemy Ai Platform?
The Ai powered platform is a place where you can upload your historical trades. The Ai will review the data and offer insights on what could have been done differently in order to improve trading performance.

What else can Alchemy Ai do?
Alchemy Ai can also be used in real time to monitor your current positions. Alchemy Ai will show you probably outcomes and offer suggestions on the best way to handle each potential situation.

So Alchemy Ai can predict the future?
No, it is up to you to use the data you are given to make more imformed decisions yourself. Alchemy Ai is your trading companion, not your trading master. The Ai will monitor your open positions and show you potential, highly probably outcomes but in the end it is up to you to decide which path to follow.

What is the usecase of ACOIN?
Any ACOIN holder can use Alchemy Ai to have their past trades reviewed but if you wish to have your live trades monitiored then this will cost you a recurring fee, paid in ACOIN.

Where can I trade ACOIN?
Currently you can trade ACOIN on Kucoin with more exchange partners being added in the future.